Our numbers tonight were thinned by the plague, with many writers afflicted. In our reduced capacity, we were tonight: Don, Ferne, John T., Dean, Lindsay, Jeff, Adrian, and myself — Tomek. At the decidedly Buffalo end of the table we reminisced about Route 5, Wanakah, Woodlawn, and the steel mills. With primary day this week we did wallow in politics for some while, and were saved only by a diversion into the macabre — and girlfriends. That, of course, got us into rock icons — we saluted Keith Moon, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, John Bonham, and all the other greats who gave their souls for rock and roll. And drugs. But that inspired me to mention these two videos, both by kids waaaaay more talented than me, the first by a 17 year old girl who makes a good case for Ringo Starr being the unappreciated Beatle, and this 7 year old Ukrainian girl killing it on the drums to — yes, Adrian, Ukrainian metal. We also touched on security cams, critter cams, generators, surge protectors, the advantages of natural gas and propane for hot water and cooking, different heating systems, and dogs. At one point, all conversation ground to a halt as we all simultaneously smelled skunk. Several skunk stories immediately ensued. After the general assembly broke up, a small subcommittee was formed outside to tackle modern communications issues, and the challenge of managing the flow of information in one’s life, and (as importantly), processing that information and maintaining relationships with senders. As always, a good time was had by all.