February is almost over and I haven’t managed to get this up yet due to the stuffy-nose-sore-throat combo that laid me low last week. In February we don’t just share the love, we share the germs. So here’s this month’s Romance Edition of my non-patented, but very clever – I may be biased – Story Generators.

Not a romance writer? Don’t let that stop you. I rarely add romance into any of my stories, but it might be fun to see what these prompts inspire. Where can a “tragic” “confession” in the “snow” or “secret” “dreams” over “coffee” take you?

Try following the combination criteria I laid out, or feel free to ignore me and pick whichever words you like.

Go forth! Write! Have fun!


Download it for your own amusement here.

No one took me up on the offer last month, but feel free to share in the comments anything this might inspire.