There will be NO WFOD Meeting at the Gerrish this Wednesday, February 26th.

But wait! There’s MORE! You’re NOT OFF THE HOOK, because you’re expected at Deja Vu and More, Londonderry Rd. In Londonderry, at 7:00 PM, for the (London)Derry Round of the NHWP Three-Minute Fiction Slam. Plus all the associated schmoozing and goodies.

Rather than sacrifice our Fourth Wednesday Review and Critique session, it’s been moved to the First Wednesday of March (3/4, or Waltz Day), thereby sacrificing March’s Flash Workshop. Or you could see it as simply Review and Critique and Flash swapping places. If you want.

There’s still room (one slot, I think) on the Flash Slam signup roster, btw. Send me an email if you want to compete.