Writing is hard—not something anyone in the group needs to be told, I’m sure. I think we all face our own writing-related challenges, be they finding the time to do it, finding the mental concentration, overcoming our particular weak points, or just getting a dang character right… It’s a mind game we play with ourselves, and we don’t always win.

One of the challenges I’ve struggled with for a long time is a lack of focus. It’s always made writing difficult for me, and since I’ve become a Real Proper Adult with two jobs, it hasn’t gotten any easier. Several months ago I was given a tentative diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder, something I probably would have gotten decades ago if I hadn’t been homeschooled by a mother who rejected the notion of ADD despite my obvious learning difficulties. It’s helped clarify why lack of focus is such a prominent part of my writing life (and life in general). If I can’t concentrate, I can’t write, or at least, I certainly can’t write well. When I do write, I find myself jumping back and forth between, and within, House of the Wolves and Rosedawn, producing bits of story so fragmented they’re not much use to anyone but me.

What kinds of issues do y’all really struggle with when writing?