BFoD (a.k.a. “The Cool Kids”)  is a splinter group of WFoD formed by members who felt the need to engage in some non-verbal activity on days when we are plagued by good weather. Biking on the superb local rail trails was our alternative to thinking too much indoors on a nice day.

So here we were: Jeff, Cindy, John, Bill and Katharine posing on the antique caboose that is parked at the midway point of the Derry-Windham rail trail.


First hand accounts confirm that a splendid time was had by all, although there was a brief summer rain storm during the return leg of the trip. However, it did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of our writerly pedal pushers. (Do women wear “pedal pushers” these days? What are “pedal pushers” anyway?) If anything, the rain was a refreshing relief for hot, throbbing thighs.

Afterwards, at the Halligan, all participated in the ATBSD (Anti-Trump Bumper-Sticker Drawing). Cindy won the grand-prize:



Jeff came in a close second and took home this little item:



Then everyone got stinkin’ drunk and had to be carted away in Ubers and Wheelbarrows.

Consensus was that this was good, wholesome fun (except for the stinkin’ drunk part (which is a lie anyway)) and that we should do this again soon And we did do it again. More trip reports to follow.