It wouldn’t be Easter without gnawing the head off a rabbit. Most people, even young children, start with the head.  The same way your pet cat eats a mouse. It’s about getting the rear teeth involved. You wouldn’t believe a cat’s lips could stretch that far. As soon as that mouse is in the right place, the masseter and temporalis muscles generate the motive force for the scissor-action of the jaw; crunch. It says something about we humans when we go about this business the same way. Maybe it’s because the head contains that extra special filling. It seems to me that the head is also less likely to host the sort of things a predator wouldn’t like eating. Those nasty, enteric free-loaders that inhabit the guts of rodents. Ever notice that your cat leaves the mouse stomach and the intestines behind? Most people understand this instinctively. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone commence to devour a chocolate bunny with a bite out of its ass. Something about eating a rodent says, ‘start with the head’.