Tonight I came home and found eerie evidence that my wife had once been reincarnated, and had walked this Earth in a previous life. My wife’s former employer used to provide employees at Thanksgiving a full, local farm-raised fresh turkey — something that had been walking around an hour or so before you picked it […]

Maybe it’s because they knew I would someday come to support hydrogen and electric cars. Maybe it was because they knew I would become a proponent of energy diversity, of using solar, wind, wave and other alternative energy forms alongside the traditional industrial revolution fossil fuels. Maybe it was because I wore bell bottoms. Whatever […]

Worlds are pretty important to a story. For most of us, it’s pretty easy because there’s a world already existing for us to set our stories in: Earth. Just pull it out of the box and it’s loaded up with plenty of interesting time periods, cultures, natural wonders, natural mediocrities, technological wonders and technological disasters […]

Let me be clear about this: moving sucks. It reminds me of a bus-mate acquaintance a long time ago who told me that her children were spaced out chronologically by the time it would take for her to forget just how painful childbirth was. Same with moving. And it doesn’t help that as I get […]

So … (ever notice how hard it is to not start a blog post with “So…” (unless of course you’re a hotshot writer on your own blog and struggling to impress the hoi polloi, or a gummint functionary with blog-flunkies, in which case they start your posts a lot worse than “So…”)) So anyway (quoth […]

David Mallett (formerly referred to as “Dave”) is a hugely talented singer/songwriter from Maine. He wrote “The Garden Song” (“Inch by inch, row by row”) that’s been recorded by so many folks (Pete Seeger, Arlo, PP&M, etc.). One of my favorites of his is “I know this place” which has the opening lines “I know […]

Mark took out his phone. The Stormtrooper on his iPhone cover stared at me with black triangle eyes. “When are you going to get a grownup’s phone case?” He ignored me, fingers moving deftly over the keyboard. His eyes roamed the display. “See,” I said, taking a bite of my burger, “It’s a thing.” “No,” […]