First time in person (for me, anyway) in more than a year! It was a fun night at Zorvino’s. Thank you, Laura. Tonight’s prompt (or, at least the one I chose):

You never thought your superpower of turning water into wine would be useful for anything other than a cool party trick, until now.

“Is it me, or is this party picking up a bit?”

They watched the six year old take another swing at the piñata, his fourth try, and tumble over.

“Yeah, I turned the water into wine. Just for kicks.”

They watched another six year old face-plant into the cake.

“So, um, are you God or something?”

“No, this is just a hobby. It’s a thing I do.”

A little girl came up to them and slurred something incomprehensible, and then fell over.

“Well, they’re throwing a party for my Mom in her nursing home next Tuesday….”

“$100 for a party.”

He immediately began rummaging in his wallet.

— Tomek