Our third trip turned out to be a guy thing. Not by choice or exclusion. Apparently all the women had other things to do. Here we are:


Although men should not be judged by their physical assets, the prize goes to Bill for the  best set of legs. There is no doubt that of the four of us, Bill would look the best in kilts.

Along the trail, we met another Bill, who, to protect his identity, we’ll call Railroad Bill. Not to be confused with the Railroad Bill who inspired folk song lyrics like this:

Railroad Bill, sittin’ on a hill,
Lightin’ a seegar with a ten dollar bill.

Our Railroad Bill  lived in the area all his life and smoked no seegars when we talked to him. As a kid in the 1950’s, he played on the tracks of  the Windham railroad line, and saw its transfromation to a rail trail in the 2010’s. Bill was eager to impart all the historical details. ALL the details. So many details that one pushed out another in my head. I do remember him saying that the line went up to Laconia and was built in the 1840’s. And that wooden cabooses are dangerous. (They were heated by pot-bellied stoves, which are a fire hazard when jostled.)

So if you want to know everything there is to know about the area, say “Hi” to Railroad Bill next time you are on the Derry/Windham rail trail. He is tall, skinny, and has a long pony tail. Say hello to him and he’ll tell you everything he knows, and he does know a lot.

Anyway, the weather was perfect, the ride was fun, and the iced tea at the Halligan was refreshing. As usual, the conversation was wide-ranging and interesting.