An excellent prompt from Val tonight:

Pick a famous movie and write one of its scenes from the perspective of one of the characters in the scene. Your aim is to achieve a balance between being too obscure and making it too obvious. Feel free to write in the first or third person, and add internal dialogue. At the end of the exercise, everyone will read their movie scene and the others will see if they can guess what the movie is.

My take:

“Don’t grab the cup. Forget the cup. Trust me. Oh, everything hurts. I think maybe I can move my…No! Can’t move anything. Why is that moron still grabbing for the cup? Didn’t he just watch me plummet down here? What the Hell is wrong with him? I can’t believe I kissed this idiot. Well, it seems his father is finally talking some sense into him. I can’t believe I kissed his father too.”

“Oh look, it looks like his father has talked him out of the cup. That’s nice. Up he goes. No doubt on to – ouch! – bigger and better things. But hey – don’t anybody worry about me down here. I’m fine. I think every bone I have is broken, and there’s all sorts of fluids leaking from me here, but I’m sure I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about little ol’ me. No need to, oh I don’t know, maybe call an ambulance. OK, maybe the whole Nazi thing went a little too far, but seriously – little help? Anyone? Hello?”

Any guesses?