A member (Adrian, in fact) writes:

“I’ll be in Toronto watching the Red Sox. I have 16 Toonies riding on that series. The Toonie, by the bye, is the wonderful bi-metallic coin of Canada, which is twice as valuable as its plainer cousin, the Loonie. The reason why many Canadians wear suspenders is because stuffing your pockets with Loonies and Toonies can cause your trousers to drop. I speak from experience.”

So here’s today’s writing challenge. Compose a limerick using “Loonies” and “Toonies” (and a rhyme of your choice) for the A rhyme, and something to do with suspenders or pockets or stuffing for the B rhyme.

I know we claim not to do poetry, but a case could be made that such an exclusion is inapplicable to Limericks. If you don’t know what a Limerick is, bless your sheltered soul.

Plug your attempt into a comment below. If you have more than one, plug each into its own comment.

If you have ideas for the DWC, please, please let me know or just go ahead and post one yourself.