We were a sizable group tonight. We were: Jennifer, John T., Ferne, Don, Marietta, John L., Jeff, Alex, Dean, and myself — Tomek. At our end of the table we talked a bit about characters and writing in general. That brought up Buddhist writing retreats (with nice tea), and Bananarama   NaNoWrimo, with some description by a veteran about the process. Buddhism invoked the seemingly singlemindedness of dogs, but we ended up wandering a bit and wondering exactly what our cats were thinking. We contemplated a skulk in the South Bronx late at night, and the mixed bag that are families. (Some exes were also mentioned — and not just the ones in Texas.) There was some minor dancing from parties unnamed, and some more discerning palates discussed the consistent taste of Jameson Whiskey (very much in contrast to beer), and on the subject of beers we sorted out lagers versus ales. At our end of the table we then strayed into memory recall, the reliability of witness testimony, and what the hell were we thinking when we chose some of the people we dated? On that odd note, we made our respective exits. As always, a good time was had by all.