After an excellent session led by Cindy and a short presentation by myself, we retired to Bedlam — in our case, the usual Corner Booth. We were: Adrian, John L., Cathy, Dean, Ferne, Don, Jeff, Bob, Jennifer, Andy (!), and myself — Tomek. Lessee, on our end of the table we began with someone’s recent vacation along the Erie Canal Bike Trail, our own upcoming group adventure, and that got us on to a general discussion about Canada. Dean did manage to squeeze in a question about whether anyone had seen an episode of Ken Burns’ Country Music yet, per his recent blog post. (Answer: It’s on the list. I do want to see it!) I heard some talk about managing characters in a complex story at the other end of the table. In the midst of the Canada spiel we also touched on squirrels, and the many varieties they come in across the Northeast. This allowed me momentarily to share a video on squirrel flinging. This, however, was when one conversation participant revealed a darker side, describing his brutal life as a youngster on the Canadian frontier fur pelting. Various critters were mentioned in this exposé, including the woodchuck/ground hog/mormota. We did also touch on fisher cats and the spread of hybrid coyotes. Despite the lack of hot tea (!), a good time was had by all.