On a surprisingly warm late November night, we were the following assembled: John L., Dean, Marietta, Cindy, Lindsay, Ferne, Don, and myself — Tomek. We were momentarily disoriented by an unknown waitress, but then we recalled it was Tuesday — not our normal night — and that we were the ones amiss. But she turned out to be a good waitress, and all was well. (One writer, entering and seeing the trivia night crowd, immediately bolted.) We started with the musical wonder that is Bill Frisell, after which I got an edumacashun in guitar playing. (Edit: I’m told this is a better representation of Bill’s work. It’s all good stuff.) Then on to power outages in Londonderry, public policy and the reality of shifting climate patterns, balancing technical correctness and story-telling in science fiction, comets, Wigilia, Thanksgiving, Springfield Armory, Washington’s busy schedule, and the George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum. At this stage, our best efforts failed and we spent some time wallowing in politics. Never the less, a good time was had by all.