Astute readers of the blog will notice that there’s a new page on the Home screen. It’s titled “The Write Free or Die Anthology.” We have no idea what this is about and will get the authorities involved as soon as we catch the vandal who posted this.

But, coincidentally, there actually is going to be a WFoD Anthology – w00t!

So there was sizable interest indicated in the survey for some sort of group anthology. I’m excited to be part of this because I’ve seen so many good writers in our group, and I want show us off! I’ll be posting more soon, but for now, here’s the basics:

Our extremely talented graphics person Jennifer is going to be handling, well, the graphics and layout. If you haven’t seen her work, ask for samples — it’s seriously professional looking stuff.

What: We’re going to put together a general anthology of submissions of WFoD member’s work. It’s going to be YOOGE.

When: For now we’re shooting to have a final product come out in early June-ish, 2020, possibly a little earlier depending on production schedules.

Submissions? We are seeking submissions from any  and all WFoD members by March 1, 2020. There will be a vetting committee process, but there’s a lot of time between now and March 1, so maybe consider submitting any work you’re thinking about for the anthology to the regular WFoD group between then and now for feedback and polishing.

Legalese: So there’s this thing in the publishing world where publishers — hardcopy and online — usually don’t like to publish works already published elsewhere. There is some gray area about what exactly constitutes “published,” but most publishers take the most extreme interpretations. This is just something to think about when you submit; there is a chance that something “published” in our anthology may mean other real publishers won’t even consider it. Maybe, for instance, consider polishing up some Flash Fiction pieces you otherwise weren’t going to publish? Just a thought.

How much? There is zero profit motive; this is all about putting some of our stuff in the lime light. I don’t know the exact cost now but it will only be to cover production costs, most likely <$20. Possibly much less. We’re trying to get to that sweet spot between “Purty & spit-shine polished” and affordable. One thought floated was to distribute some copies to local libraries. Think about it.

Help? We’ll need some folks willing to be on the vetting committee, as well as possibly some copyeditors. We’ll supply the red pens. Please contact me (Tomek) if you’re interested.

Contact: Per Dean: “Questions, queries, comments, criticisms, advice, scurrilous innuendo should all be directed to [Tomek].” You know where to find me, in the 3rd garbage can from the end in the alley. Otherwise: tomek.e.jankowski [“at” symbol here]

Otherwise, please watch this space for updates! Thanks!