On a cold, drizzly November night, we were: Dean, Marietta, Jennifer, and myself — Tomek. Tonight’s round of discussion began with the Manchester Palace Theater and the impressive stuff they’ve got going on there, then descriptions of an archaeology trip to Colorado, some old fogey talk, posting to the blog, how utterly tickled pink we are with our waitress, having lots of children, some banter about jobs and careers in the days of yore (including some of our own career milestones), dog electric fences, idiot companies, unions, having trees taken down and the amazing new total tree mulching machines, where we write, again with Ken Burns’ Country Western documentary, and an end soliloquy on some influential country and folk musicians — which gave certain parties another opportunity to go on and on about Eva Cassidy. He redeemed himself by discussing Chet Atkins, Ma Carter and Willie Nelson’s Red-Headed Stranger album. As always, a good time was had by all.