The prompt was, inflicted by myself upon the group:

A secret government agency reaches out to you and informs you that somehow somebody in the future has built a time machine and used it to reach backwards in history – and they have a message for you. This time machine only allows for the transmission of limited data. It turns out these people from the year 2220 managed to finally penetrate the radioactive debris layer and found your remains, and were even able to extract enough DNA to identify your direct descendants – your great (8x) grandchildren. Those people were immediately notified.

And are they p***ed. Their message reads as follows (adjusted for primitive 21st century English, which still uses verbs):

“What – what were you thinking? What are you and all the people who are living in your time doing? Do you people not understand basic cause and effect? Please – STOP!”

You only get one chance at a reply. So please pen a brief apology (<500 words) – or at least explanation – for your descendants, explaining 2020 to them.

My improvised reply was:

To my descendants, my great grandchildren, the fruit of my loins, the bearers of the noble Jankowski blood line:

F*** you.

There is no reason my generation should have to live within our means. Screw that. As soon as I’m done writing this, I am going to text my Congressperson and demand more frivolous Federal spending. Have fun paying off our national debt. Quite frankly, I’m surprised my blood line made it as far as you, given the cuts we keep making to healthcare.

And why should we change to renewable energies when we can just keep on using the same old polluting carbon fuels? Saves time.

Oh – and you know what I’m doing now? I’m balling up plastic grocery bags and throwing them out my window. If you dig deep enough, you will probably find them. The ocean isn’t quite filled up in our time, so I’m gonna keep on doing that.

Also, I intend to vote for whatever bozo they manage to dredge up in the next election. Blindly. I mean, how bad can it really get?

And that’s right – we’re sticking with home schooling.

You may be wondering why we are like this. First, I’d like to point out my deprived childhood. I was born before the internet! We had to rely on primitive paper things called magazines for our porn back then. You kids have no idea how good you have it.

So in conclusion, I see no reason why we should have to be socially, fiscally or environmentally responsible. We leave those things up to you. If there’s anything left by your time.