Hi – as a result of a recent email thread, some of us are contemplating new content for some of our WFoD session time: poetry.

Or, failing that: verse.

Or: the other way round.

We rarely use up an entire two-hour session on our Flash Workshop, Third Wednesday Free-for-All, or the “Wildcard” Fifth Wednesday sessions. And for reasons no one can remember (or will admit to remembering) we have steadfastly eschewed any truck with verse, until recently.

On several occasions recently, John Lindberg (JTY for short) has exhibited bravado and chutzpah worthy of the composer of Beowulf by injecting his poetry into some of our lucubrations. Quickly realizing that our tradition was no match for this Nordic incursion, we’ve decided it would be prudent to welcome it into the tent.

So post-Flash-workshop on July 1, there will be sort of an “organizational meeting” to discuss how best to implement the inclusion of what might be “the first form of storytelling” (JTY) into Write Free or Die.

Hope you can make it.


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