As difficult as it is to wrap my wee mind around how a 30-day month gets five (count-em) Wednesdays, this month does. (Please save your Reply-All explanations, I really DO get it, was just waxing rhetorical. See how it shines?)

At the end of the “Free-for-All” on the 15th, we were poking about in the rubble of the evergreen topics of

  • World-building and
  • Desirable levels of detail in pursuit of same

This can be fantasy/sci-fi world-building, or it can be closer to home, like my favorite “New England Mill Town, 1948” mis-en-scene.

So I polled the group on the 16th, and the responses were unanimous that there was mileage left in the topic(s), so that’ll be our starting place for the “Wildcard” session a week hence.

Additions, comments, criticisms, alternate suggestions all most welcome.