In a Politico article on Apple’s news aggregation this morning, I see that “some” GOP members of Congress are pushing to “re-open the economy.” Putting aside the stupidity of the idea, what took me up was this quote from Senator Ron Johnson, (R-Wisconsin): “If you’re a carpenter, every nail you see, the solution’s a hammer. The same may be true for epidemiologists.”

So… wait … so… hmmm… it appears that Senator Johnson thinks there’s some other solution to apply to a nail? (Yes, a nail gun, but that’s really a fancy hammer innit? Or a nail-puller I guess but that’s not a solution so much as a redefinition of “the problem”)

I assume that what the Senator was intending to quote was the old “If your only tool is a hammer, you treat every problem like a nail.”

I don’t mean to go on about it, but it seems that the Senator thinks “re-opening the economy” is an alternate solution to the COVID pandemic? And we should be consulting folks other than epidemiologists about it?

The voters of Wisconsin have a lot to answer for.