As part of our ongoing “whither” deliberations, initiated a couple of years ago at The Halligan, we outlined a couple of areas into which to investigate as, “additional stuff this writing group might do to benefit its members.” The first initiative undertaken was this blog, so here it is a year and change later, and you can evaluate it for yourself. (I’d be delighted to hear any feedback whatsoever on it.)

The next idea that got some traction was “podcasts” (in the grand tradition of Mickey & Judy putting on their own show, right here in the barn). In aid of which some further deliberations decided that content for some initial tinkering (voyage of discovery) might comprise a Flash Workshop session. So August’s Flash Workshop was recorded, and lucubrations have ensued. Reports on progress of same will be issued as appropriate, and the topic will headline the October Free-For-All (Oct. 16).