1. The blog: It is what it is; who knows what it might be. For the time being, at least, this blog will continue as it has been thus far. Any members who have ideas about its content, design, or protocols, please post them or email me, or Jeff, or Tomek.
  2. Podcasts have been much on the minds of those folks who’ve participated in our “free-for-all” discussions about development missions and strategies for a WFoD “brand” intended to reflect some glory on us WFoD-ers. The first exploration of an implementation of the notion will begin with next month’s Flash Workshop on August 7th. The initial effort will involve recording (audio only) the workshop session, then ruminating on “WTF?” followed by some editing to nudge the recorded data into something that conforms to the answer to “WTF?” arrived at above.
  3. Other podcast content contemplated includes readings of our work, interviews with our in-group media darlings, possibly sessions with outside visitors to our meetings, etc.
  4. Late addition – at the August “Third Wednesday Free-For-All,” Tomek will be presenting the fruits of his research into what other writing/writers’ groups are doing that we might swipe.

 It might appear that we’re making this up as we go along. That’s because we are. Any and all WFoD members are more than welcome to participate. Post or email your thoughts.