Tonight, after a rousing evening of flash fictions reading, the assembled group at Halligan’s were: Dean, Adrian, Cathy, Jeff, Alex, and myself — Tomek. The conversation kicked off with meditations on beer and how the younger generations prefer sweet beers — which brought to mind Belgian fruit beers like cherry or banana. This led to a discussion about why Americans put corn syrup in everything — it’s insidious — which gave me an opportunity to plug Wedel, an excellent Polish chocolate. Music of course came up and (later) some play lists were shared; thanks A. We mulled the origins of police forces in the U.S., as well as Annie Get Your Gun, the weather, condo association boards, some local corrupt mayors, which meant of course we ended up wallowing again in politics for some time. I think at some point we made fun of the Welsh as well. The late hour saved us. As always, a good time was had by all.

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