So … (ever notice how hard it is to not start a blog post with “So…” (unless of course you’re a hotshot writer on your own blog and struggling to impress the hoi polloi, or a gummint functionary with blog-flunkies, in which case they start your posts a lot worse than “So…”))

So anyway (quoth Eric Idle in drag), it’s a truly glorious day, so the windows are open, and I’m making peanut-butter biscuit/cookies for the dogs. And is my wont on such occasions, I have Pandora “blaring” (as my wife puts it) in the kitchen. Today it’s the “Joan Baez Channel” and I like the selection a lot – several Eva Cassidy tracks so far, including “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” and right now “Songbird” is on. But I digress.

A couple of minutes ago it was S&G’s “Mrs. Robinson” and it occurred to me that I saw that movie (The Graduate in case … well just in case), when it was brand new, at the Riverview Drive-In in Haverhill, (at least one member of our group might remember it) and it was probably the first time I saw Dustin Hoffman (first time anyone saw him, probably), and the last movie I ever saw in a drive-in. (Though a couple of later instances have sprung to mind, but so what).

Time to take the dog cookies out of the oven. And sing along with CS&N on “Teach Your Children.”