So … (ever notice how hard it is to not start a blog post with “So…” (unless of course you’re a hotshot writer on your own blog and struggling to impress the hoi polloi, or a gummint functionary with blog-flunkies, in which case they start your posts a lot worse than “So…”))

So anyway (quoth Eric Idle in drag), it’s a truly glorious day, so the windows are open, and I’m making peanut-butter biscuit/cookies for the dogs. And is my wont on such occasions, I have Pandora “blaring” (as my wife puts it) in the kitchen. Today it’s the “Joan Baez Channel” and I like the selection a lot – several Eva Cassidy tracks so far, including “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” and right now “Songbird” is on. But I digress.

A couple of minutes ago it was S&G’s “Mrs. Robinson” and it occurred to me that I saw that movie (The Graduate in case … well just in case), when it was brand new, at the Riverview Drive-In in Haverhill, (at least one member of our group might remember it) and it was probably the first time I saw Dustin Hoffman (first time anyone saw him, probably), and the last movie I ever saw in a drive-in. (Though a couple of later instances have sprung to mind, but so what).

Time to take the dog cookies out of the oven. And sing along with CS&N on “Teach Your Children.”

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About Dean Quarrell

Mr. Quarrell was born in 1946, in Springfield, Massachusetts. He has so far survived various public schools, community college, university (his baccalaureate degree is in English but written in Latin), the US Air Force, and various employment, including 30 years in the software industry. He lives and writes in New Hampshire.


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