In the course of the past few “Free For All” discussions we’ve had about the blog, a recurrent theme is the difficulty of finding things we might be interested in. Many folks have considered it a big drawback that we can’t organize the posts by topic on separate pages. Actually, it’s intuitive once you get the hang of it.

To the left is a screenshot of the Home page of the blog. It shows the header listing for Tomek’s Corner Booth post. Note the blue text above the post title –

“The Corner Booth” and “Writing (noun and verb)” – if you click on either of those links you’ll get a list showing all the posts that have that category assigned. Since “Writing…” is the default category, you’ll get a ton of posts, and since we’ve only just begun filing TCB as a post, you’ll only get a couple.


Similarly, if you peruse the right-hand extremity of the home page you’ll see this:

which is exactly what it says it is – click on any item in the list and shazaam, there you are.

But wait, there’s more! If you scroll down that list of recent posts, you’ll happen upon this:

Which is a compiled listing of authors and their posts.

Click on any author heading and you get a page with a complete list of that author’s posts.

Scrolling even further down yields – on the extreme right again, this:

which is – guess what – a dropdown list of our post categories. Select one and …wait for it … you get a page with the posts in that category.

So the capability to fetch:

  • “new stuff,” (which you don’t really need if you “Follow” the blog), and
  • stuff by our favorite writers, and
  • stuff that’s topically interesting to us

really is all there on the home page.