7:00 pm at Marion Gerrish Community Center, Derry, NH; (be sure to check the room assignment board in the vestibule for the meeting location).

The Third Wednesday Free-for-All will begin with a presentation from Tomek & Jennifer anent the Anthology – the state of play, plans & schedules, etc. Tomek estimates this will require not more than a half hour.

He has also graciously offered to lead “… an autopsy of the flash fiction” — not a grousing session, but:

  • an evaluation of how things went in general for the group, perhaps with analysis (or guesswork) about whys & wherefores,
  • what works, and what seems not to in terms of competitive value
  • what were some important takeaways, and –
  • tied in to maybe the anthology discussion — some meditation on the value of flash fiction, including what authors can do with stories, whether they are read in the competition or not (e.g., maybe publishing them in the anthology, or seeking publication via Submittal.com)?

Hope you can make it. – DQ


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