We almost had some punches thrown at tonight’s session, but cooler heads prevailed and all ultimately remained civil. Afterward, the following assembled at the usual place: John T., Dean, John L., Don, Ferne, Jennifer, and myself — Tomek. Our fearless leader was busily abandoning us for warmer climes. Ah well; safe travels. Tonight we kicked off with banter about jobs and graphic design, coding, why anybody has marketing departments, how the Bozos in C-Suite jobs obtain and then somehow hold on to their jobs despite underperforming, at which point we took a minor detour with Scott Adams — more commentary on diversity there — before landing on layoffs. (Some fun stories there.) We also covered baby showers, Updike, Mary Tyler Moore, BobNewhart, and Monty Python. (Of course we mentioned Monty Python.) As always, a good time was had by all.