Having survived 19% of the 21st Century, that era we used to see on the covers of Popular Mechanics when everyone had a personal helicopter (but nobody had their own computer), the beginning of the last year of the second decade thereof (got that?) threw us a curve with holidays on two successive Wednesdays.

But we writers are nothing if not flexible, so we shifted things around a bit and will come up redolent of the proverbial Rosa damascena ‘Trigintipetala.’

1/8/20 – Next week’s session is as ever, the Second Wednesday Review & Critique session. As far as I know the queue is as yet unpopulated.

1/15/20 – The Third Wednesday “Free-For-All” will be carried over from December, when we shifted critique to Third Wednesday to accommodate Christmas. There’s a great topic, I recommend you check it out on the “Upcoming” page of the blog.

1/22/20 – Fourth Wednesday, Review & Critique

1/29/20 – Fifth Wednesday – The Flash Workshop that fell to New Year’s Day. (Yes, that gives us two Flash Workshops back-to-back, but we’re closing in on the Slam, so can use the time.)

Happy New Year and may we all just write the shit out of it.

Any writing-oriented resolutions??? (Mine are “write more,” and “write better.”)

See ya Wednesday night.


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