We were tonight, huddling from the cold: Sue, Dean, John T. and his buddy Stan, Don, Bob, Cathy, Lindsay, John L., eventually Ferne, and myself — Tomek. We started with, naturally, writing and stories, honing in on Dean’s recent spate of stories and chiding him for not finishing any. That launched us into a discussion on writing genres, why people run screaming from us, what a jerk Ginger Baker was, Hadrians’ Wall and the Battle of Teutoburg Forest, with the Battle of Lake Tresimene thrown in for good measure, Time Team, why the trains always ran on time in the Roman Republic (and Empire, with a side reference to Mel Brooks), the business applications of AI, Slovenian salamander brandy, failed acquisitions, a few failed attempts at describing corporate governance, and the nerdiness of analysts. Oh — and we finished by bathing in the brilliance of our waitress. As always, a good time was had by all.