On a cold, drizzly October night we were: Bob, Ferne, Don, John L., Jeff, new person Sue, Dean, and myself — Tomek, with some minor residual sniffles and aggravated throat. Colds suck. But Halligans had tea, and all was well. We started off with some left over commentary from tonight’s flash session, then sadly got mired in politics at our end of the table, including memories of Watergate. While there was a horrible dance version of Joan Jett’s I Love Rock and Roll blaring on the bar sound system, we discussed dancing, and also covered Bob’s undying devotion to Bobby Orr. Don was able to talk about his NASA days, and there was a kind of engineer love fest. With the person Sue we also all touched on the topic of writing and writers, motivations for writing (i.e., mental illness), and a few shared their own preferences in writing. Irene, you got honorable mention! As always, a good time was had by all!