Given that we’re turning the corner into “Slam Season,” the Flash Workshop (First Wednesday of each month) is getting into gear with timings, video recording of readings, and – in support of our investigations into podcast possibilities – audio recording the entire workshop session.

Last Wednesday featured the following readings:

9/4 Writer/Reader Title Time
Adrian G. Extreme Bingo (D+) 2:48
Tomek J. Midnight 2:37
John T. Trash 3:04
Don H. Gone But Not Forgotten 2:57
Lindsay R. Center Stage 2:54
Cathy M. Ritual Murder 2:10
Dean Q. Not The Willeys (working title only) (D2) 3:03

As usual, the table talk in the Corner Booth was scintillating, brilliant, and reminiscent of The Algonquin, (cf Tomek’s TCB column). There’s lots of room in the workshop, for kibitzers as well as writers/readers.