This eve we were: Alex, Dean, Jeff, Don, Ferne, Cathy, Lindsay, and me — Tomek. OK, we need to make one thing clear. We talked about sex. Pure, unadulterated, ribald, Adam-and-Eve, send-your-Auntie-Francine-into-a-rosary-frenzy sex. I mean, we covered bestiality and space sex and everything we could think of.

No we didn’t. Sadly, the reality is even worse. We wallowed in politics again. Clearly, we can’t avoid but darken our souls.

But we did manage to cover some other things as well. We kicked around some characters and ideas for current writing projects, and Dean redemptively steered us towards music a couple times, particularly as Alex and I were baffled by the bar’s soundtrack. There was also a side conversation about how music and movies used to be a more communal, shared experience, unlike today’s very fragmented cultural scene. (And it turns out the Kingston Trio may not be the original one, touring since 1955.) Somehow we also got on to public transportation in American cities, how mythology becomes accepted wisdom, getting divorced in Ireland, the Knights of Columbus (drinking for the kids?), and then we got weird and really dove into the Masons.

As always, a good time was had by all.