After a rigorous and active Flash Fiction practice session, the following assembled at the usual spot: Dean, Cathy, Don, Ferne, Jeff and myself — Tomek. It may be worth mentioning that at this stage, the helpful waitress walks up to our table to see who is in attendance, and pretty much knows what each of us is going to order. We are that predictable. In any event, we talked a bit about Jeff’s happy new abode, which got us on to construction and home arrangements in general. (I was able to sneak in mention of my blooming lilies.) We compared Dean’s stories to early Tom Waits, and that put us on the North Shore a bit, including the folk festival and even Birke’s. Jeff brought up Mike Massé, and Ernie Kovacs, and we kicked around tin ceiling tiles and architecture. We ended up on a big music kick, discussing why some groups like the Grateful Dead can endure for so long with very few personnel changes, while others like Eric Burdon & the Animals or the Temptations seem to have a different line up with each album. We touched on great song writers like Bob Dylan and Neil Young whose songs are (in our humble group opinion) are best covered by others. The Kingston Trio came up, and we talked about 1960s session musicians and back-up singers who were more than just back up singers, at which point Dean recommended a Netflix documentary.  Dean also heartily recommended Eva Cassidy. As always, a good time was had by all.