We missed a week last week. We had our regular productive session at Marion Gerrish but as we moved to adjourn to our regular Corner Booth, we were reminded of the 7th game of the Stanley Cup Finals then in progress, at which point most of us realized we had little appetite for a bar full of drunk, embittered Bruins fans — and so we scattered to the four winds. This week, however, we stood our grand and muscled our way through an empty Halligans to demand our usual space. We were tonight a small band: John T., Dean, Adrian and myself — Tomek. We kept a couple chairs waiting for you and yours, Don, just in case. We began by continuing tonight’s discussion topic on effective feedback, then moved on to Sahlen’s hotdogs and old industrial Lackawanna, NY (and its amazing botanical gardens), the benefits of military service, Three Mile Island, Love Canal, the Woburn, MA Superfund site, the sociopathic traits that serve spokes people in certain industries well (which waylaid us temporarily in the fetid political swamp), the VA, urology as a profession, a political cure for cancer, and learning to type over cats. And I even managed to get a transmission joke in! As always, a good time was had by all.