No really — it’s May Day — May 1. Tonight we were John T., Bob, Don, Ferne, Dean, John L., Adrian, and myself — Tomek. A few of our regulars were missing from our ranks tonight, and they were missed. Nobody ordered a fish taco tonight. Conversation at my end of the table started with me being admonished for referring to one attendee as “ancient,” but then we moved on to the recent Simpsons episode focused on Upstate New York (and a couple of us griped about those stupid Downstaters and their poor grasp of geography), but we did reminisce about proper rye bread and Sahlen’s hot dogs. Some spoil sport  brought up those Super Bowls, (and we learned John T was on the opposite side of the first), but talking about food brought us to Rig-a-Tony’s nearby and Bova’s Bakery. That got us Italy, and we relived our favorite experiences with Italy and Italians, and Italian food. I caught a snippet of Dean and John L at the other end discussing music. I got to brag a bit more about my house, we covered Londonderry Flea Market and Old Home Days, the local libraries, and I learned that Howard Hunt of Watergate fame was from my home town. (It’s bad enough Jack Kemp almost ran me over once.) We hit on exercise and health, Kali , and that somehow launched us into politics, where we wallowed for some time in incredulity. Still, we managed to all have a good time. T’was a good night, with good company.