There were just enough of us to make a slightly tight squeeze with one small extra table: Cathy, Ferne, Don, Adrian, John L., Lindsay, Cindy, Jeff, and DQ. In a rare departure from form, the chat actually opened with further discussion of some of the work that had been on the table at the regular meeting, to wit: how best to dispose of Ralph. There was also mention (though a bit later) of Willy and Felix.

There was an unusual level of actual literary allusion and discussion in the evening’s table talk, including a bit of rhapsodizing anent Daphne DuMaurier’s Rebecca, and The Birds, and Don’t Look Now. This quite naturally led to mention of Hitchcock’s and Roeg’s respective films of the titles.

Rocket science reared its head, but we were prepared, having an actual rocket scientist on board, who mercifully demurred to lecture extensively on the employment of attitude adjusters, or controllers, I forget, perhaps he was listing (!) the folks who needed an attitude adjustment.

Difficulties inherent in reading the literature of a culture not one’s own were raised, particularly in connection with Salman Rushdie and Arundhati Roy.

And no Corner Booth session would be complete without touching upon such topics as diverticulitis, roundworms, and parasites in general. After the usual benediction, they sang a hymn and went out into the night.