Tonight we were: John L., Dean, Cindy, Alex, Jeff, Don, Cathy, Adrian, Lindsay, and myself — Tomek. Revelries kicked off with Alex regaling us about the Flash Fiction Competition, but from there we took a hard turn into murder and mayhem. Well, was it all that different, really? At our end of the table, we got hooked on the Josie Langmaid murder and the apparently global sensation caused by Joseph Lapage’s trial. But while we were wallowing in the sordid details, some at the other end were contemplating Pamela Smart. But, easily distracted as usual, we also touched on stone walls and land usagered squirrels, John Vaillant’s The Tiger, which got us on to cats in general as pets (versus dogs), and the domestication of animals (which reminded me of a recent article on how micro-sizing tools may have impacted human brains — in effect, domesticating us).  There was some banter about tuning guitars and the community life of immigrants, including the flood of illegal immigration from Canada. As always, a fun time was had by all, and John T. was particularly missed.