so I thought I’d finally blurt it out and see what anyone thinks.

A while ago, after getting laid off from the 18-year SQA gig at Skillsoft, I figured there must be some piecework writing I could get to make a few bucks. So I signed up at Blogmutt, and 3 or 4 other online clearing houses for short & sweet contract writing gigs.

Then I looked at their job summaries. These outfits are shilling for outfits that are paying pennies – literally in many cases – for writing assignments. Like 300-400 words for ten bucks.

So yeah, they get takers, but am I wrong in thinking this is part of the reason so much writing (especially on the web, and yeah I know it’s not literary writing it’s SEO garbage, but still…) maybe we need to disqualify that as writing? Can we do that?

Maybe we need to form a bureau of “What’s Real Writing Y’All, and We Know So Don’t You Forget It!”