November 7, 2018

Flash Fiction

(This is the text of a new page, added today, called “Flash Fiction” – duh – but I don’t know whether “followers” necessarily get alerts for new pages, so I’m posting it here as well. dq)

The New Hampshire Writers’ Project (NHWP) runs an annual competitive event known as the Three-Minute Fiction Slam.  Community-based groups around the state hold local  competitions and the winner of each local competition gets to compete in the State Finals in Manchester.

Write Free Or Die members have won the Derry (and SNHU) local competitions in the past, and Cathy McDonald (a founding member of WFoD) won the state championship a few years ago,

Write Free or Die runs a monthly flash fiction workshop for its members. See the description at the Meetup site for more detail. If you’re interested or have more questions or comments, email Dean Quarrell.

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Mr. Quarrell was born in 1946, in Springfield, Massachusetts. He has so far survived various public schools, community college, university (his baccalaureate degree is in English but written in Latin), the US Air Force, and various employment, including 30 years in the software industry. He lives and writes in New Hampshire.


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