It seems that at the end of the year when the air gets colder, the nights get longer and the colors of summer wilt away, we attempt to stave off winter melancholy by celebrating a lot of holidays. It starts in October and runs all the way to New Year’s Day. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are crammed together before year’s end as if we need one last hurrah before we start again. Few other holidays consume an entire month with festive decorations, entertainment and anticipation. 

Today, on Halloween itself, my less festive coworkers indulged the rest of us by not changing the Halloween station we had playing on Pandora. Between Rocky Horror, Nightmare Before Christmas, and songs about spells, witches or devils we had a pretty good playlist. Unfortunately, no one at work actually knows how to Monster Mash and the station repeated John Carpenter’s Halloween theme one too many times for our collective sanity. 

There is no music for November. November is an in-between month. I see it as a pit stop– and a hearty meal– after the sugar fueled fun of Halloween as we make our way to the magic lights of Christmas. This means that tomorrow I will be pulling out the Christmas music. The Christmas music is always close at hand and ready for listening no matter the month. I just have to be careful during “Christmas in July,” when the car windows are rolled down for a breezy drive, and I realize that I’m going to look like a weirdo if the people at the stoplights hear Nat King Cole singing O Tannenbaum out of my speakers. It’s best to keep a low profile when enjoying songs like this out of season. 

Some people are not as fond of Christmas music as I. They may say that anytime before Thanksgiving is too early. I smile and nod at those people, and put on my headphones.