Saw Tom Rush last night at the Tupelo Music Hall in Derry NH. We saw him the last time he was there as well. He’s damned good for an old fart; he’s pushing 80 (with a short stick) and hasn’t lost the tiniest shred of his voice or his mastery of the guitar. Doing well for an old English Major too. I don’t plan to  bore you with a blow-by-blow critique, just wanted to point out that if you remember the name from somewhere in the dim past, he’s still around and doing what he’s been doing for well over 50 years.

If you don’t know or remember his work, I have to recommend him if – like me – you’re a fan of the “guy with his guitar” genre of acoustic/folk/Americana music from the era of the Great Folk Scare and beyond.

Note too that he’s not entirely “guy with guitar” these days. His touring companion is a young singer/songwriter named Matt Nakoa, who is an extraordinarily talented guy in his own right. I really recommend him, he’s a jaw-dropping talent.

Both have blog/websites ( and and there’s tons of Tom’s stuff on Youtube, and a generous sampling of Matt’s stuff on his website, probably more elsewhere.

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Mr. Quarrell was born in 1946, in Springfield, Massachusetts. He has so far survived various public schools, community college, university (his baccalaureate degree is in English but written in Latin), the US Air Force, and various employment, including 30 years in the software industry. He lives and writes in New Hampshire.


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