It has come to my attention that an unguarded remark relevant to my motivations behind teaching myself to play the guitar (some 50+ years since) gives credence to the notion that said endeavor was an effort to “get chicks.”

Pfeh, sir. Not a bit of it. I had been fronting a clot of folkies with two guitarists behind us, and the group fizzled, the guitarists fleeing (perhaps justifiably) to parts unknown. Well actually Paula went to California and Danny joined the Navy. I was left sans accompaniment and the market for a capella folkies was limited. So I took up the guitar.

It was the folksinging that was intended to get chicks.


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  1. I stand (or sit, rather) corrected.



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Mr. Quarrell was born in 1946, in Springfield, Massachusetts. He has so far survived various public schools, community college, university (his baccalaureate degree is in English but written in Latin), the US Air Force, and various employment, including 30 years in the software industry. He lives and writes in New Hampshire.


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