Over in/on The Corner Booth, Tomek reported my mention last night of Skiffle, and Lonnie Donegan in particular. Of course there was nothing for it but to follow the link he’d helpfully provided, and once in Youtube with a search list in front of me, I skiffled off to Biffalo for a while.

For those unacquainted with skiffle, it was a big deal in the UK in the 50s and combined elements of folk, blues, and R&R. Never made it big here, but then we had folk, blues, and R&R. I’m pretty sure The Quarrymen did some skiffle. Here’s a taste:

I Shall Not Be Moved– American gospel song, often featured by Mississippi John Hurt

Ballad for (of) Jesse James – American trad ballad, interesting work by Van the Man

Kevin Barry – an Irish Rebel song, from The Easter Rising AKA “The Struggle in Sixteen”

Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor (on the bedpost overnight) – American novelty song from the 20s

Rock Island Line(a Lead Belly tune also featured by The Weavers) – here’s Lead Belly’s version: