Never, or at least rarely, in the course of human endeavor has such a motley assemblage gathered to foist upon the world yet another college literary magazine. In this case it was “Parnassus” (yikes) Vol I, Number 1, of which emerged, mewling & puking, some time in 1965 or so from the bowels of Northern Essex Community College, in Haverhill, Massachusetts. One of the people in this picture went on to become Poet Laureate of Alaska. Honest. It surprised me too.


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  1. Classic photo, and as a Haverhill-native (Go Hillies!, I love any reference to my historic hometown…



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About Dean Quarrell

Mr. Quarrell was born in 1946, in Springfield, Massachusetts. He has so far survived various public schools, community college, university (his baccalaureate degree is in English but written in Latin), the US Air Force, and various employment, including 30 years in the software industry. He lives and writes in New Hampshire.


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