For some years now I’ve been concentrating on the production end of this writing thing, stringing words together in various configurations in pursuit of narrative sense and some level of verbal beauty. It’s been an educational and rewarding endeavor, and my attitude to publication has been misunderstood at various points by some of my comrades-in-arms in the various group endeavors I’ve participated in. Having voiced, more than once, a reluctance to “write for publication” (or worse, for sales), I gained a reputation as one who “didn’t care about publishing” or worse, “didn’t intend to publish.” Neither is true, and to prove it I recently began a campaign of submissions which has borne fruit – sooner than expected, happily – and just that wee taste provided by reading an email that says “We like your stuff and want to publish it,” tastes like “more,” so it would appear that it’s off to the races for me. Watch this space, as they say.