Write Free or Die

"Life is bigger and more interesting than The Lord of the Rings thinks it is.” ― Philip Pullman


(all events online until further notice)

WFoD Fifth Wednesday Wildcard Session

September 30, 7 PM – 9 PM Online, email DeanQ for details

Suggested by Lindsay, our rubric will be:

when is story “done” or “publishable.” There’s no clear answer but maybe we could share philosophies what we might weigh in our minds to reach such a decision. When do we need to make more changes versus when we are over thinking certain things? As a subtopic to that we could talk about Submittable and strategies for using it effectively, choosing the right journals, etc.

The smartass in me of course will always respond “a piece of writing is never “done” only abandoned. “Leaves of Grass,” though published umpteen times, was tinkered with by W.W. probably up ‘til the day he ceased his barbaric yawp. Other writers can’t bear to revisit a piece once it’s committed to print.

Then there’s the eternity of pre-publication tinkering. I know every time I go back over something my eyebrows rocket ceilingwards and I’m amazed that I could have written something so dumb, or tacky.

The goal will be to resist the temptation to say “It’s done when it’s done, when it’s done,” in favor of some rational process by which we can hold that sucker up to the light and see that we’ve met the benchmarks. Good software routines for example, always open with a line or two of code that say “Do I have to do anything here?” So how do we answer that question for our work in progress?

Fortunately, Tomek has volunteered his analytical and presentational skills to lead us on the trudge through the quagmire of “Am I there yet?” to be supported – or at least cheered on – by Lindsay and myself and anyone else with wisdom or otherwise to share (or nail-biting quandaries to seek solace for).

Hope you can make it.


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